As a construction manager (CM), it is our role from the beginning of the project to assist in the fostering and collaboration of the project goals. We achieve this through efficient planning, scoping, pricing, evaluations and recommendations based on the project goals outlined in the project documents. Midwest Construction Group is ready to assist you with both main types of the construction management delivery method:

At-Risk CM: In this project delivery method, Midwest Construction Group acts as a consultant during the conceptual and preliminary design, and then delivers the construction portion of the project as a general contractor. We hold contracts with sub trades and vendors, and are financially responsible for the construction of the project (This is the “at-risk” side).

Agency CM: In this role, Midwest Construction Group will be the agent of the owner and, through its contractual arrangement, represent the owner’s best interest during each phase of the project. We perform project management and field management services to the owner, while the owner retains the financial responsibility for the project.

Advantages of a CM Delivery: Midwest Construction Group believes that a CM delivery method is the best way to ensure project success. This is because the CM delivery fosters a collaborative environment between all parties, in which everyone is brought on early in the process. Having us on board as part of this team will assist with keeping project goals in line with the design and budget, versus designing something only to find out it will cost more than the project budget.

Midwest Construction Group provides reliable, quality real estate development services to meet the specific objectives of our clients. We are dedicated to providing excellence in these complex services and will meet the expectations of our clients for budget and schedule. We are poised to assist with feasibility studies, financing and ownership, site acquisition, project planning, implementation and execution.

Design/build is a project delivery system in which services to design and construct are contracted with a single entity. Design/build is a single point of responsibility used to minimize risks for the project owner and reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phase of the project.

At Midwest Construction Group, our team of professionals can assist you with every aspect of this delivery method from start to finish. This procurement method with its single point of responsibility carries the clearest path forward for a project owner, as the design/build contractor is responsible for all of the work on the project.

Construction projects can be complex, time consuming endeavors that, without the proper guidance and tenured expertise, can present unneeded challenges. At Midwest Construction Group, our professional service offerings are designed to ensure a successful project from concept, to occupancy and the warranty walkthrough. We offer unbiased solutions based on our industry experience, and we leverage this expertise to be our clients’ provider of choice. We are here to assist our clients with project planning, cost estimating, phasing, and project scoping to ensure that our clients’ goals are met.

As a general contractor, Midwest Construction Group is responsible for coordinating and constructing a project based on a set of construction documents prepared by architects and engineers. This is typically done through a “design-bid-build” delivery method, in which the general contractor is usually awarded the project based on its bid price with little input on how to influence the design/cost tradeoffs.